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Copyright Policy

One Hop Workshop does not reproduce any materials or content that may violate Copyright Laws. It is explicitly understood that you own the copyright and all rights to any physical or digital material submitted to One Hop Workshop. By placing an order, you acknowledge and represent that the media and content provided to One Hop Workshop are either not in conflict with the Copyright Laws or that you hold the Copyright. You are solely responsible and assume all copyright liability for all content you submit. It is generally illegal to copy, reproduce or distribute copyrighted information or materials (including photographs, video, audio, and music) without the consent of the owner of such copyright. YOU ALSO CONFIRM THAT IN SUBMITTING PHYSICAL OR DIGITAL IMAGES TO ONE HOP WORKSHOP, THAT YOU ARE THE OWNER OR ARE AUTHORIZED BY THE COPYRIGHT OWNER TO USE ANY COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS SUBMITTED OR PROVIDED BY YOU. YOU ACCEPT TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS RELATED TO THE MATERIALS YOU HAVE SUBMITTED TO US. UNAUTHORIZED USE MAY BE IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW AND COULD RESULT IN LIABILITY BY YOU.

We will not use a photograph, image, logo, or artwork that is signed, stamped, or otherwise identified by any photographer, studio, or artist, nor will we use a photograph, image, logo, or artwork that appears to have been taken or created by a professional photographer, studio, or artist, even if it is not marked with any sort of copyright, unless we are presented with a signed Copyright Release from the photographer, studio, artist, or individual who holds the reproduction rights to said image.

We will not assist in the copying of any state or federal document, including but not limited to, driver's licenses, passports and social security cards.

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