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Image Requirements

Digital pictures are made up of tiny colored dots, called pixels. The more dots in the picture, the higher the resolution; the higher the resolution, the larger you can print the picture before it starts getting dull and blurry.

We always check the resolution of every photo before using them to create your items. If we think the photo isn't large enough to produce a quality image, we'll let you know. You can still print these pictures, but the picture quality may not be up to your standards or expectations (it won't be as good as if you used a higher resolution photo).

Please note:

The maximum resolution of a digital camera is usually measured in millions of pixels, called megapixels (MP). The maximum resolution of your camera may not be the same as the resolution of the pictures you are taking. Most cameras can be set to take pictures at lower resolutions, which would allow you to fit more pictures on a memory card. For example, a 5-MP camera may be set to take 1-MP pictures.

Pictures copied from websites, even photo websites, are often low-resolution images that are optimized to load fast in browsers and look good on-screen, but they often will not look good when printed.

Whenever you crop a photo, you decrease its resolution by reducing the number of pixels in the photo. Although the cropped photo may be a better picture, it may not produce good results when printed at larger sizes or put onto one of our products.

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