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October 5, 2015

New Items:  Set of 4 Slate Coasters With Stand


September 7, 2015

New Items:  Serving Tray

Coming Soon:  Slate Coasters


August 3, 2015

New Items:  Fancy Silver Keychain

Coming Soon:  Serving Tray


July 6, 2015

New Items:  Dry Erase Board

Coming Soon:  Fancy Silver Keychain


June 1, 2015

New Items:  One Hop Workshop Vinyl Decals and our Freebies and Special Offers page is up!

Coming Soon:  Dry Erase Board


May 4, 2015

New Items:  One Hop Workshop Design Services and Custom Vinyl Decals

Coming Soon:  New, exclusive vinyl designs

Announcements:  Watch for our new Freebies and Special Offers Page where we will be offering limited time downloadable freebies and discounts!


April 6, 2015

New Items:  Set of 4 Hardboard Coasters with Stand

Coming Soon:  One Hop Workshop Design Services and Custom Vinyl Decals


March 2, 2015

New Items:   Small Shoulder Bag

Coming Soon:  Hardboard Coasters


February 2, 2015

New Items:  Crystal Nail File and Spring themed vinyl sticker designs

Coming Soon:  Small Shoulder Bag


January 5, 2015

New Items:  Business Card Wallet

Coming Soon:   Crystal Nail File and Spring themed vinyl sticker designs


December 1, 2014

New Items:  Glass Tile with Iron Stand

Coming Soon:  Business Card Wallet


November 3, 2014

New Items:  1/2 Oval Slate and Winter vinyl sticker designs

Coming Soon:   Glass Tile with Iron Stand


October 6, 2014

New Items:  Iron Trivet with Handle  

Coming Soon:  1/2 Oval Slate and Winter vinyl sticker designs


September 1, 2014

New Items:  Frosted Glass Ornament and Porcelain Ornament

Coming Soon:  Trivet with Handle


August 4, 2014

New Items:  Autumn/Fall vinyl sticker designs

Coming Soon:  Frosted Glass Ornament and Porcelain Ornament


July 7, 2014

New Items:   Cross Plaque

Coming Soon:  Autumn/Fall vinyl sticker designs


June 2, 2014

New Items:  Dog Collar and Dog Leash 

Coming Soon:   Cross Plaque


May 5, 2014

New Items:  Summer vinyl sticker designs

Coming Soon:  Dog Collar and Leash


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